FAMily TIme

A camera is never far from my hands, rarely a day goes by when I don't take a photo of my boys.   I love documenting their lives.  I don't want to miss a moment of it.  I'm also aware of how important it is to hand over the camera,  to be in the photographs.   Not only for ourselves but for our families. Spend time together and allow me to take the photographs.  Life happens so quickly - making it so important to capture those precious moments.  That Sunday walk in the park,  the hike in the mountains, or simply a day in your life at your home.   

What I love to do?  To take photographs, in natural environments.   Yes, I love the outdoors, but I really I love to document a story.  So, maybe its a walk in park, a stroll on the beach, playing the the playground, getting into the mountains, your evening routine, or simply a day in your life.  Whatever it maybe, from adventure to lifestyle.  I'd love to help you capture  your moments.  I would love to capture you in your own environment doing something you love. Follow this link for more info on pricing, contact details and portfolio call.