Carole was awarded a distinction for her degree, a BA in Photographic Media from Griffith College Dublin in 2015.  She has had a passionate interest in photography for many years - this combined with her love of travel and outdoor activities has taken her all over the world.  In all those places photographing those who love their interests.  

Originally, Carole studied Mathematics, obtaining her first degree from Trinity College Dublin (2000), a taught masters in High Performance Computing (2001) and a research masters in Network Simulation (2007).  She worked for five years in the Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing (2001-2006) and two and a half years working as a performance engineer in Oracle in Dublin (2008-2010).  Currently, she is a lecturer in CCT College - primarily teaching mathematics. 

Carole's passion is the outdoors, but she really loves to document a story.  So, from walks in park,  to getting into the mountains, whatever it maybe, from adventure to lifestyle she'd love to help you capture  your magic moments.  Her background gives her a unique perspective on the world and if you like her work, she'd love to hear from you and always open to photographic work and projects!

Feel free to email: carole.mcgloughlin.speer @ gmail.com or

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